Other Bases


Tea is my base of choice for non-alcoholic cocktails.  The incredible variety of flavour available in herbal, black, oolong, chai, green and rooibos teas allow for almost limitless cocktail bases.  Most non-alcoholic cocktails are fruit juice based, and as a result end up horribly sweet.  Teas also make great infusions of other base spirits.


Coffee is an extremely dominant flavour in a cocktail.  When it works and is done properly, the result can be extraordinary but I too often find coffee overpowering.


Fruit juice is the most common base in non-alcoholic cocktails but if not used carefully, the drink will end up way too sweet.  Too often people use juice as a base then add other sweet ingredients to make the end result a syrupy mess.  Try a less sweet juice like watermelon or tomato if you insist on using juice as a base.  Tea is always a better option.


I hate cocktails made with beer.  I’ve tried a few and have never been impressed.  Beer just doesn’t belong in a cocktail in my eyes.  I know a lot of people would disagree.  Other than on the patio on a scorching hot day, I almost never drink it.  Maybe I’m a bit biased.

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