Tequila & Mezcal

bottles-allMezcal has recently become slightly more available at the LCBO, which is a start.  The first time I tried a Del Maguey was borderline revelational.  Tequila, the blue agave form of Mezcal, is a totally different beast.  I’ll be honest and say that I generally don’t love tequila-based cocktails.  I find the spirit often takes too much away from other components.  That said, there are obviously exceptions.

317904Mezcal-based cocktails, on the other hand, are among my favourites.   Despite being technically more dominant than tequila, mezcal knows what it is in a drink.  Deep and smokey, it somehow cooperatively dominates in a way that tequila cannot.  People compare mezcal to scotch for obvious reasons but I almost always prefer a mezcal-based cocktail over one made with scotch.

Mezcal is one of those spirits where it makes sense to spend some decent money on a good one.  The whole terroir themed Del Maguey line is outrageous.

SauzaTequilaSilverFor most tequila-based cocktails, plain old Sauza silver works best.  Reposado or aged tequilas, unless specifically called for, are more likely to unfavourably dominate.  Unlike mezcals, I don’t spend a ton of money on tequilas for mixing.  Tequila shots with salt and lime (the only shot on which its worth wasting booze and inebriation), on the other hand, demand a finer product.

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