Happy Now #18

MezcalMezcal, Orange & Sal de Gusano

One of my good friends is from Mexico City and he recently returned with a bottle of local and outrageous mezcal that we would have no hope of ever seeing at the LCBO.  While partaking, he mentioned the proper way to drink such mezcal in Mexico is with a slice of orange and sal de gusano, made from salt, chili and ground agave worms.  Always up for a challenge, I found an online supplier of sal de gusano and had it shipped to my parents who were on their way to Toronto from Colorado.  I don’t think you can find it in Canada otherwise.  The link for the US supplier is: http://granmitla.us/.

Anyway, much as lime and salt is to tequila, orange and sal de gusano is to a good unaged mezcal.  Though intense and a little creepy, it is a sublime experience and well worth the hassle.

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