Happy Now #23

zig zag  IMG_6491  IMG_6536  IMG_6500 (1)Tavern Law  IMG_6482

Suzi Pratt

Suzi Pratt


After leaving Portland in Happy Now #22, I rented a car and made the somewhat agonizing drive north to Seattle in what I thought was very heavy traffic for the Pacific northwest.  Anyway, though bigger and far more urban, Seattle’s cocktail scene is no less amazing.  I’d made reservations at Jamie Boudreau’s famous Canon (on the World’s Greatest Bar list) well in advance and was obviously not disappointed.  Other stars in this city included Rob Roy, which might have actually been my favourite, Zig Zag (which was totally crazy and not really in a good way), Tavern Law, Good Bar (seek out Niyah Bystrom!), E. Smith Mercantile (amazing), Barnacle in Ballard (for light, vermouth and amaro cocktails), Essex (also in Ballard) and Bathtub Gin & Co.  I stayed near Pike Place and walked around the corner to quite possibly the oddest but unquestionably the most charming, White Horse Trading Company.  They don’t make cocktails, which flies in the face of this website, but do serve wine, beer and port.  Also, as I was told when I entered, they will order a pizza for you if you want.  Awesome.

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