Happy Now #27


The Stinger

The Stinger is an incredibly simple cocktail, with only Cognac and creme de menthe as its ingredients. And yet, as with most things in life, the uncomplicated often yields the greatest rewards.  I’m drawn to mint as a flavour, so was quick to try the cocktail early on, and it quickly became a favourite.  As with all great cocktails, the key is the quality of the ingredients: use only VSOP Cognac (or XO if you’re really snobby and rich), and try to get your hands on a good quality white creme de menthe.  I use Tempus Fugit’s superlative product but Marie Brizard make a good one as does Get 21 and Giffard.  Most of the others are pretty poor.

I had the incredible fortune of having Kazuo Uyeda mix a Stinger for me at his amazing Tender Bar in Tokyo.  He used Get 21 and cuts the ratio of Cognac to mint at 4:1.  It most depends on how sweet you want your drink and how sweet the creme de menthe is that you’re using.  Tempus Fugit’s product is not overly sweet so I usually go with 2 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz or roughly 3.3:1.

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