Happy Now #29

BSP_TEARDROPCK_0040_COP-3Oversized Japanese Copper Barspoon

This may seem like a fairly unimportant instrument in the bartender’s arsenal but my life now seems complete now that I finally received one of these beauties this past Christmas. The extra length of the spoon means extra weight and the ability to keep my fingers far away from the drink being mixed. I’ll never go back to the measly barspoons of my past for anything in the world. The serene and exquisite balance of stirring with this this type of spoon takes mixing a drink closer to art than bartending. Okay, that last line was a bit over the top but, needless to say, I like my new spoon a lot.

You can find them at BYOB (sometimes) and at Cocktailkingdom.com in the US. For the newbies, don’t forget you stir with the teardrop end, not the spoon!

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