Happy Now #36

ripe-watermelon-chunks.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scale  Hideriboshi

choya-extra-years-umeshuI tried this odd cocktail because I owned both a bottle of Choya umeshu plum liqueur and shochu and didn’t know what to do with them (both are available at the LCBO).  Anyway, I was totally blown away by how all of the somewhat passive ingredients add up to something so complex.  Watermelon juice is actually more savoury than the sweet fruit from which it comes.  Really, really incredible.  You can find this in Kazuo Uyeda’s amazing book ‘Cocktail Techniques.’

It’s really meant to be consumed on a scorching day by the water, and is only made by Mr. Uyeda at his venerable Tender Bar in Tokyo when melons are in season.  Water melon juice can be easily prepared by blasting chunks of the fruit in a good blender until completely pureed and then filtering through a fine sieve.

1 oz Shochu
1 oz Umeshu Plum Liqueur
1 oz Strained Fresh Watermelon Juice
1 tsp Lemon

Shake all ingredients with ice and serve in a chilled coupe. No garnish.

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