Happy Now #43



June 3rd, 2016: I really used to hate grappa, which makes me laugh as I’ve completely fallen for it in middle age. Maybe my palate has matured or softened or, more likely, faded sufficiently to appreciate the majestic properties of this Italian spirit. Anyway, it really is a marvel and though this is a cocktail site, grappa should be consumed on its own in one of the beautiful tulip-shaped glasses meant for it (see above).

Made from the leftovers of wine-making, grappas will obviously vary widely based on the type and quality of the source grapes. While Gewurztraminer wine, for example, is often too sweet for most people’s white wine palate (though I love it), it makes an incredible grappa. Aged grappas and grappa liqueurs are hard to come by in Ontario. In general, young (clear) grappas should be consumed chilled while aged grappas should be served just below room temperature.

As I’ve already implied, grappa is a bit of an acquired taste, as are most fruit brandies, but once you get there, it’s truly worth it. The subtlety of the fruit seems more accessible than with other spirits and even wine. Such a great way to end a day.

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