Happy Now #50

ancho1Ancho Reyes Liqueur

Ancho Reyes is an ancho chile liqueur inspired by a 1920’s recipe found in the town of Puebla Zaragoza, Mexico. The chiles used to make the liqueur are prepared by hand the way they’ve always done. Anyway, it results in a complex and robust flavour that carries a warm heat with the sweetness of the liqueur. As such, it is an extremely versatile and interesting addition to many cocktail recipes, especially those using Mezcal, Sotol, Tequila, dark rum and even gin as a base.

The best news is that this liqueur is presently available at the LCBO. I have no idea how or why but get your butt out there and get a bottle before it’s gone. I’m not overly happy that I lugged two home from Seattle just a few months ago only to see it appear on the shelves of my local store a few days ago. It’s the kind of spirit the LCBO never carries; it’s that good.

There are a growing number of cocktail recipes calling for the spirit. Too numerous to mention here. For a good list, check this link: http://www.3stofthemonth.com/blog2/shitwelove-anchoreyes





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