Happy Now #53



imageI can’t believe I’m adding a post to my site about the LCBO within the framework of being happy. And don’t get me wrong, it still really and truly sucks that we live in one of the few jurisdictions in the world under state control of liquor sales. I would give my right arm to end the LCBO’s bizarre, if not illegal, monopoly on liquor and wine sales in Ontario. The fact that all access to spirits and wine is totally controlled by an extension of the provincial government that operates as if it knows whats good for us is pretty sickening in an otherwise totally open market economy. It is what it is but, all that said, they have upped their spirits game over the last few years, and that’s the basis for this post. When I first delved into the world of cocktails ten years ago, the LCBO stocked seven gins. I was in the store near the Toronto Harbourfront recently and counted thirty-three. Additionally, the recent announcement of adding online sales and home shipping to their website is obviously a huge bonus, especially to those living outside the large urban areas. So, in conclusion, it could be worse.

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