Happy Now #57


The Keefer Bar, Vancouver

The Keefer Bar is the best cocktail bar in Canada, and one of the best in the world. It’s about time everyone realized it. If Australia has six or seven on the world’s best list, we deserve at least one, and there’s no doubt it should be Keefer, and I’m from Toronto.

I’ve been twice, most recently in late August, 2016, and though the space and staff are warm and welcoming, the cocktails and the innovative quality of the ingredients are the reason to go. There are lots of creative and skilled bartenders in bars all over, but those at The Keefer Bar are among the best. The drinks are true masterpieces, each and every one. The place is very special. Please make a point of going if you’re anywhere near Vancouver, and here’s hoping the World’s Greatest Bar list finally includes Keefer as it’s first Canadian entry.

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