Happy Now #68


Tilting at Windmills

[November 13th, 2016]. The Bar at Alo (reviewed on this site) is an immense addition to the city’s cocktail scene. We finally have a bar that feels like the high-end establishments of London and New York. It’s a very special place with an incredibly thoughtful French-themed menu. All their bar menus are available with proportions online at any time, which is pretty incredible (http://www.thebaratalo.com/#intro).

Tilting at Windmills mixes two of the three main styles of gin (Old Tom being the third) and combines the subtlety of homemade orange syrup and exoticness of freshly ground coriander seed. It’s a beautiful drink that almost everyone will love.

Yonge (or young) genever is usually available at the LCBO in green plastic bottles under the DeKuyper line.


1  oz Gin, Tanquerary
1 oz Genever Yonge
¾ oz Orange Syrup
1 oz Lemon
1 Egg White
Ground Coriander


  1. Dry shake egg. Dry shake again with other ingredients, less coriander.
  2. Add ice and shake a third time.
  3. Strain into a chilled coupe.
  4. Garnish with dusting of coriander.


Orange Syrup

Heat until dissolved: ½ cup sugar (preferably instant) with ½ cup water and all the peel (no pith) of one large orange.

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