The Cocktail Gadabout #100!

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Welcome to my 100th Post!!


The Lobby Lounge at The Fairmont Vancouver Waterfront

As I’ve mentioned many times before, Canadian cities lack even decent hotel bars. Hotels inevitably completely miss the mark when adding or renovating a lobby bar causing me great sadness in the process. Most of these bars are either overly modern, sterile, full of television screens, poorly decorated or simply make no effort to make a decent drink. My expectations are so low that even the faintest glimmer of success makes me take notice. In reality only London and New York (though to a much lesser extent) offer great hotel bars. Though the drinks are double the price of a normal cocktail bar, there is nothing that beats being served an incredible martini by a uniformed waiter at The Savoy. Nothing.

During a recent trip to Vancouver with my son, I was somewhat blown away with the Lobby Lounge at The Fairmont Waterfront. Bars at Fairmont hotels are normally abysmal so it was a total shock when we stepped into the Lobby Lounge. Though modern and hip, the approach is welcoming, and the drinks excellent. A large, white grand piano makes me think lounge music would at some point accompany the cocktails, which would be a huge improvement over the Joan Baezish folk guitarist they had when we were there. An open wall to a tree-lined Vancouver street and views of snow-capped mountains across the bay is pretty hard to beat. Well worth a visit.

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