The Cocktail Gadabout #106

The Hawthorne at The Commonwealth (Boston)

Outside of the venerable Drink and Eastern Standard establishments, Boston’s bar scene is a bit lacking. In fact, from what I’m told, the city in general has somewhat missed the recent upward food and drink trends that have swept through most of the continent’s metropolises (thanks in my mind to the influence of Toronto’s very own and recently closed The Black Hoof). All that said, The Hawthorne at The Commonwealth was an unexpected and very much welcomed exception. It’s not very often I’m this surprised by a bar. Though technically a hotel bar, nothing about the subterranean Hawthorne feels that way. The space is welcoming and cozy yet modern and stylish. The server, Altamash, came from a food background but seemed as knowledgeable with cocktails as anyone. He was also incredibly friendly and happily provided drink recipes, which is often not the case at good bars.

Most importantly, I was introduced to the astonishing Bolivian spirit called singani at The Hawthorne, in the equally astonishing ‘Above The Clouds’. The floral notes of this cocktail and spirit rank with the greatest of my imbibing experiences. Creme de Mure, elderflower and Curacao complemented the Muscat-based singani perfectly. And if that weren’t enough, Altamash finished the night with a freebie taster of something called Spring Fling, which was almost as good.  Do not miss The Hawthorne!

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