The Cocktail Gadabout #84


Bar 6Twelve, Saskatoon

[July 31st, 2017] I just returned from a family wedding in Saskatoon, the prettier of the two cities in Saskatchewan and, as I do in any city, I sought out the best places to get a decent cocktail. A stay in the former CN castle-styled Bessborough Hotel is a must when in Saskatoon but the hotel lacks a decent bar. Directly across the street, however, is the Sheraton Cavalier, which houses 6Twelve. With a bar menu of many original cocktails and classics, it’s definitely the best place to get a cocktail in this river-lined city.

While the bartender at the Bessborough’s bar happily announced to me “we shake all our martinis!”, the crew at 6Twelve thankfully know when a drink must be stirred. My Sazerac was excellent, despite being made with rye instead of cognac. There are four or five large, comfortable booths. The main drawback, however, were the multiple big-screened sports televisions. Anyway, it’s a quiet, well-styled bar with a good cocktail menu. Well worth a visit if you find yourself in this quaint prairie town.

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