I, Scott Mathison am a veterinarian working in downtown Toronto.  In my spare time, after my practice, three children, marriage, home, cottage and Standard Poodle are looked after, I make cocktails, but actually only on the weekends.  I’m an avid collector of gin, rye, cocktail stuff, cocktail books and, against the grain of my normally reclusive personality, have weaselled my way into Toronto’s cocktail scene.  The Cocktail Gadabout is meant to speed the learning curve for other, maybe greener, cocktail amateurs and gadabout wannabes.

I would like to thank Dave Mitton from The Harbord Room in Toronto for first introducing me to the wonderful world of mixed drinks.  I would also like to thank Frankie Solarik from Barchef and Jenn Agg from The Hoof Cocktail Bar and The Black Hoof for helping me along the way.  Also to Andrew Toplack, my fellow but much more esteemed Cocktail Gadabout, for taking me under his wing.  And lastly, to my wife and family… for putting up with my silliness and snobbery.

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