Star-anise-spices ginger-1024x682 rhubarbArugula, Fig, and Blue Cheese Salad (1) 220px-Single_lavendar_flower02Shiso Leaves

There is a world of great cocktail flavours beyond what is contributed by the base spirit, the sweet, the sour and the bitter.  I think it’s very important to keep an open mind.  Jim Meehan from PDT is perhaps the master at introducing simple flavours to otherwise classic mixed drinks.  The results can be astounding.

I’m constantly playing with outside-the-box flavours either with recipes from cocktail books like the PDT and Barchef or with my own original drinks.  I would encourage you to do the same.  Approach cocktails like you would cooking.  There really are no limitations.

The best resource on the market for flavour is the Flavor Thesaurus by Niki Segnit.  I created The Howdenvale cocktail by choosing ginger as a base flavour and then matching the juniper of gin and rhubarb to it.  You can’t go wrong.

The following is an intentionally incomplete list of flavours to keep in mind when mixing and creating cocktails:

Basil Mint Rosemary
Marjoram Sage Cilantro
Spearmint Chicory Lemon Balm
Kaffir Lime Chervil Dill
Lemongrass Shiso Leaf (pictured)
Lemon Lime Orange
Grapefruit Kumquat Pomelo
Mandarin Tangerine Yuzu
Pineapple Kiwi Persimmon
Tamarind Strawberry Raspberry
Blackberry Green Melon Watermelon
Blueberry Cherry Sour Cherry
Cucumber Fennel Green/Red/Yellow Pepper
Banana Jalapeno Apricot
Celery Tomato Cranberry
Concord Grape Peach Plum
Rhubarb (pictured) Pear Apple
Passion fruit Coconut Milk Pomegranate
Blood Orange Roasted Fig (pictured) Artichoke
Paprika Chili Powder Cinnamon
Nutmeg Black Pepper Celery Salt
Cacao Nibs Eucalyptus Maldon Salt
Ginger (pictured) Star Anise (pictured) Cardamom
Almond Olive Oil Rose
Violet Chamomile Birch Bark
Sloe Berry Chocolate Caramelized Sugar
Coffee Roasted Walnuts Balsamic Vinegar
Butter Popcorn Bacon
Tobacco Earl Grey Tea Jasmine
Lavender (pictured) Dandelion Root Tea Orange Blossom
Chinese Jujube Goji Berry Elderflower
Licorice Root Pickled Onion Angelica
Orris Root Eucalyptus
 Finger Lime  Pink Lemon  Lovage
 Radish  Beet

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